How we took a simple Flask app and turned it into a monster

Most of the cutting edge work in data science is pioneered in Python. This is especially true for the software industry, where Python is the go-to for machine learning deployments.

However, this presents an obvious paradox: reconciling Python’s unique capabilities with its fundamental lack of scalability.

Anyone who has tried…

Why inventiveness in art is a human activity (for now)

Can machines be creative?

Like anything else, it depends on your definition of creativity. Can machines create art? Music? Poems? Absolutely. Does this make them creative? Eh, kind of.

Most of the beauty in art — painting, sculpture, music, is expressing ideas and emotions through some sort of creative medium…

Exploring the exciting and scary possibility of sentient robots

These days, science fiction is more eager to explore the possibilities of human-machine relations than ever before. Complex, emotional, and often thought provoking, these stories have gained massive popularity with fans and futurists alike.

Some notable, and rather dark, examples are:

  • Black Mirror (S1E2) Be Right Back — Where a…

How soon can I replace my friends?

Nearly every website nowadays seems to greet you with a Chatbot. They range from simple programs with limited conversational capabilities, to intelligent, conversationally capable bots thanks to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning.

A few well-known examples are:

Shayaan Jagtap

data scientist — software developer — thinker of thoughts

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